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Santas Long Pants

A Christmas story by Lucille M. Gunn.

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Santa's Long Pants

Written by Lucille M. Gunn

Illustrated by Mary McBeth Gunn

Digitized by Stephen Gunn

Brought to you by three generations of Gunn

Thank you for visiting Santa's Long Pants! This website is a culmination of 53 years of family tradition and creation.
The delightful story of Santa's Long Pants was originally written by Lucille Gunn as a Cub Scout Christmas play for her son Doug's troop in 1959. Twenty years passed before Mary Gunn, Doug's wife, illustrated the script for her mother-in-law.
Over time, almost five thousand books have been sold to the public and donated to children's hospitals. In 2012, Lucille's grandson Stephen added his expertise to bring the book back to life with this interactive version. Three generations of Gunn creativity are now brought together for your family's enjoyment! We hope you will join us in making Santa's Long Pants a family Christmas tradition!
- The Gunn Family

Dedicated to My Seven Grandchildren
Kristi, Katie, Rush, Russell, Steve, Leah and Joanna
Lucille M. Gunn

Lucille M. Gunn (1914 - 2007)


At The North Pole...

Two days before Christmas at the North Pole
Santa and his helpers, so it is told,
Were working like beavers - were really in a whirl -
So that each and every good boy and girl
Would be sure to have toys on Christmas morn -
A sled, a doll, or perhaps a horn.

The end of the day was drawing near
And signs of weariness did appear.
"Let's all have some cookies and a cup of tea,"
Said Mrs. Santa to the elves, all three.
They stopped their work and started to eat.
It was good to rest and get off their feet.
They were very, very tired, but it was fun,
Working so hard to get things done
And thinking how happy all children would be
When they looked under the Christmas tree.

Mrs. Santa was especially weary.
From sewing her eyes were red and bleary.
Santa sat down in a comfortable chair;
A jolly old man with long beard and white hair.
Then suddenly Santa gave a jerk of his head,
Jumped to his feet and quickly said,
"Mrs. Santa, my dear, do you remember
When I started out last December
My pants were so long I looked like a clown?
All during the night they slowed me down.
You said you would fix them during this year.
Now have you remembered to do it, my dear?"

"Oh me, oh my!" she tearfully said,
With watery eyes and a face turning red.
"I didn't do it, and I am so sorry,
But tonight I'm just too tired to worry.
My hands are so heavy they feel like lead.
I just have to quit and go to bed.
There's much more to do, but somehow or someway
I'll get it done before the big day."

So wearily humming a Christmas tune
She left her work and went straight to her room.
Santa was sad because he knew
Mrs. Santa had far too much to do.
Then he said to his elves, "Come on, little sprites,

It's time for all to quit for tonight.
Mrs. Santa is in a bad position.
To help her we must be in good condition."
All three little elves did as Santa said,
And off they went, each to his bed.

Twas quiet and peaceful when from behind a shelf
There appeared one, just one, little elf.
He picked up Santa's pants and started to cut,
Then on the machine the pants he did put.
He sewed and sewed 'til he thought they were right,
And then he silently stole out of sight.

Again it was still, but not for long.
We heard someone moving - or could we be wrong?
No, another little elf came dancing in
With an errand to do in Santa's den.
He, too, started cutting on Santa's pants.
Then over to sew he did quickly prance.
After he finished what he thought he should do,
He silently went back to his bed, too.

Then it was quiet. But wait - not again!
Yes! The last little elf came sneaking in.
Now I'm sure there's no need for me to tell you
Just what that little elf was planning to do!
He cut the pants carefully from seam to seam,
Then he sewed each leg; he was plainly seen.
Quickly he ran out on his little tiptoes.
What's happened to those pants, everyone knows!

When dawn finally came it was cold and clear.
The elves got up full of hope and cheer.
So happy this day, each could hardly wait to see
How pleased Mr. and Mrs. Santa would be.
Much joy each thought he had enhanced
By solving the plight of Santa's long pants.

Santa came to his shop on this final work day
Full of vim and vigor and ready for his sleigh.
Mrs. Santa bustled in; she had so much to do
And those pants she must fix or Santa would stew.
She picked them up, then she hesitated.
She looked 'round for Santa, and to him she stated,

"You'd better take time to try these pants on,
Then I can see how much they're too long."
Santa sighed and looked at her with gloom,
But he took his pants and went out of the room.

Mrs. Santa back to her work did go
Sewing for dolls, to and fro.
Time was getting short; this was the last day
Before Santa would leave with his toys in the sleigh.

All three little elves waited entranced
For Santa's return in his altered pants,
Expecting praise for a job well done.
They had worked, and helped, and it was fun.

The first little elf did a dance of glee,
Thinking "Santa will be so proud of me!"

The second little elf crawled under a table,
Hugging himself as hard as he was able.
He knew he was the best elf in Santa's land,
To think of this way to give Santa a hand.

The third little elf was so pleased with himself
He jumped up and down, then climbed up on a shelf!
He wanted to shout of his wonderful deed.
He knew how to help when there was a need.

Suddenly Mrs. Santa became aware
That elves were cavorting everywhere.
"Little sprites," she said, "Come and get busy.
There's so much to do, I'm in a tizzy!
Tomorrow's the day you'll have time to play.
Must you act so silly on this important day?
Come gather these toys and get ready to load.
The sleigh must be full 'ere Santa takes to the road."

The elves were smiling with keen delight,
But soon their smiles turned to looks of fright
When Santa walked in shouting, "I'm sunk!
Either I've grown or my britches have shrunk!"

"I did it! I did it!" cried each little elf.
The blame each one put onto himself.
"I wanted to help and make time for more toys."
"I've ruined Christmas for all girls and boys!"

As usual Mrs. Santa to the rescue did come.
She always knew what would make things hum.
"Santa, wear these boots. Elves, dry every tear.
Old St. Nick will look fine, never fear."

With elves to assist him, the boots he did don.
A push and a tug and soon they were on.
And he did look fine! All were happy this day
As Santa prepared to inspect his sleigh.

Now that is the reason, if you've ever wondered why,
On Christmas you see Santa with his boots so high!


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